Saturday 20th October 2018,

About Us

Our Mission was created to inform outdoor, fitness, and travel enthusiasts about top quality products that work well, look great, and make participating in a variety of activities fun, simple, and comfortable.

Our goal is to provide useful information that helps our readers select outdoor, fitness, and travel gear that can help them: improve performance, enhance comfort and enjoyment, and inspire curiosity and exploration. We also love featuring stylish street gear for urban adventures.

Our Criteria

We highlight both innovative new products and familiar classics that never go out of style. We especially like to get the word out about unique, smart products that look cool AND are totally durable and functional. Whether it’s a lightweight rain shell, a 16-pocket travel vest (perfect for business travelers or budding spies), a versatile merino wool top, a sleek iPhone case, or the perfect sports bra, we are interested in products that stand out for their design, functionality, and ease of use.

We are not gear scientists, technical wizards, or hard core extreme adventurers, and we don’t pretend to be. We don’t rate, rank, or compare products. We simply tell you which products we enjoy using. If you see a product mentioned on our site, consider it recommended.

Gear samples are provided to our testers at no charge by manufacturers.

Our Style

We’re all about having fun, getting some exercise, and finding some top quality gear in the process. We figure that most active people are like us–they aren’t too concerned with technical specs; they just want to find comfortable hiking boots, waterproof jackets that keep them dry, and stylish yet durable accessories for protecting and carrying iPads, phones, and laptops. If a product does what we need it to do, then we’d like you to know about it, too.

Our Schedule

We post a few new reviews every week. So, please check back often. Better yet, sign up for our feed and never miss a review!