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Opedix KNEE-Tec Tights

Opedix KNEE-Tec Tights

Living in Jackson Hole, with over 4,000 feet of vertical relief at the ski resort and several thousand more in the high peaks of the Tetons, knees are a precious resource. Mine are no exception, and I’ve come to realize that being proactive about taking care of them are in my best interest for the long haul so I can still do the activities I love in 30 years. This winter, the Opedix Women’s KNEE-Tec Tights have helped me do just that. (Available for women and men.)

Material(s): nylon, spandex
Sizes: W XS – XL, M S – 2XL
Price: $225
Shop: Christy’s Sports

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first pulled on my Opedix Women’s KNEE-Tec Tights. I lined up the knee-donut with my patella and noticed the combination of stretchy and stiffer fabric panels provided a secure and supportive fit all up and down my lower body, providing gentle compression throughout. I took off on an hour-long skate ski at the newly opened Turpin Meadows Ranch, a Nordic guest ranch north of Jackson Hole in what’s known as Buffalo Valley. Enjoying the cold clean air and the rhythmic motion of skating on the freshly groomed track, with slightly hilly terrain, I pushed myself to keep up with my husband and friend, Ali. Throughout the ski, the tights gave me the feeling that they were gently guiding my leg movements in a good way – the tights’ patented “kinetic health” promoting design at work. Because my knees are slightly finicky, with tendonitis issues and the ghost of an old MCL tear, I expected to feel a little inflammation after the ski.  To my surprise, my knees and legs felt great, and I could have kept going longer.

This continued to be the trend for the next few weeks. Each time I wore the Opedix Women’s KNEE-Tec Tights, I noticed that my finicky knees and legs felt better than expected, with fewer tweaks and pains. I hiked Mt.Glory, a popular backcountry ski run with a 1,650 foot elevation gain accessed from Teton Pass, with a backpack and skis on my back and a twinge of knee pain. After an hour-long stair-stepping climb, I pointed my skis downhill through variable hard and soft snow–not the easiest conditions–. and by the time I reached the bottom, my knee was no worse for the wear. I also spent several days alpine skiing in my Opedix tights at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which always puts a lot of forces on my knees, quads, and shins, and emerged not only pain-free but less tired and sore than normal.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the absence of pain, because when it’s not there, you don’t even think about it. But for me, I generally expect to “feel it” in my knees after skiing and long mountain approaches because I have a year-old quad tendonitis injury that I’ve been bad about resting. Some days when I remember, I’ll put on a soft knee brace, and other days I’ll stretch and do yoga. But more often than not, I don’t do anything until it starts hurting enough to slow me down–probably not the best strategy. What I love about the Opedix Women’s KNEE-Tec Tight is that it’s a simple and effective way to take care of my knees and legs that doesn’t require much forethought or maintenance. It fits and looks like a normal athletic tight, it’s breathable and wicks well, it has anti-odor properties, and it’s machine washable.

I think the Opedix Women’s KNEE-Tec Tight is must-have item for anyone with knee issues. It can be worn for a wide range of activities, on its own or layered above lightweight long underwear or below a shell depending on the outside temperature and level of activity. I can’t wait to wear them for my next long Tetons approach because in addition to the proper alignment and support they offer, the compression also improves circulation and reduces fatigue.

The Opedix KNEE-Tec Tights are available for Women in Black/Fuschia in sizes XS-XL and for Men in Black/Black in S-2XL. If I had followed the Opedix size chart exactly, I might have gone with a size larger than usual, but thankfully did not. My usual size Small fit like a glove all throughout, with a little extra length, and I found that if I lined the knee donut over my knee cap as I put the tights on, they would stay in the right place throughout my whole workout. Opedix also makes a 3/4 length version for warmer temps or for people who like tights that stay above ski boot cuffs.

Bottom line: Stack the odds in your knees’ favor with the Opedix KNEE-Tec Tights.

BUY ONLINE: $225, Christy’s Sports:


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